8 Simple Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture. It combines architecture with nature to build houses, temples and other buildings. The term Vastu-Shastra means the ‘science of dwelling’. Many people like to follow the principles of Vaastu for a happier life. You can design your entire house according to these principles but kitchen is the most important area for Vastu compliance. Kitchen symbolizes ‘fire’ and it is believed that keeping the fire element balanced leads to a healthy and happy life.

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You can make small adjustments to perfect the vastu of your kitchen. Here are 8 Simple Vastu Tips for Kitchen-

1.Let’s start with the most important thing in the kitchen- cooking stove. The person cooking food should always face towards east. This means that the ideal place to keep the stove is in the South-East direction.

2.Gas cylinder attached to the stove should also be placed in the south-east direction. Empty gas cylinders should be kept in south-west.

3.Kitchen also houses many electrical appliances like microwave ovens and blenders. Such appliances should occupy the south or south-east portion of the kitchen. North-east direction is not good for electrical appliances.

4.Many families prefer to keep the refrigerator in kitchen. If you want to keep it there, place the refrigerator in south-west direction. Refrigerator should not be kept in north-east. Keep the refrigerator at least one feet away from corner.

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5.The ideal direction for drinking water vessels is north-east. Any vessels with drinking water like pitcher, earthen pot, RO purifier fall in this category.

6.The boxes of grains, pulses, salt and spices should be stored in south or west sides of your kitchen.

7.If you want to place a clock in your kitchen. Hang it on the south or south-west wall. Even if you want to place the clock on a kitchen shelf, these directions are the best.

8.The best colors for painting your kitchen are green, yellow, orange, red, pink and chocolate brown. The color black is best avoided while painting kitchen.

If you are a believer of Vastu Shastra, you can easily follow these 8 Simple Vastu Tips for Kitchen.  Remember that a home at Akshat Kanota Jaipur is the guarantee of happiness in itself whether you follow Vastu or not.

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